Anita Milovanović

Physiotherapist, Certified Schroth Therapist

At Scolio Centre I work as a Schroth therapist and masseuse, it's a job that I love and feel great about because I know that my effort will be spent on work from which others will have significant benefits and better quality of life.
My approach is to target and adapt to the individual. We are assisted in this by the clients with whom we work as a team, which is the special pleasure and a strong motive, so we get results and mutual satisfaction that motivates us to persevere.
"A journey of a thousand mile starts with a single step"
Work experience

Anita Trpevski was born on 15th November 1984 in Kruševac. She graduated from the Secondary Medical School in Kruševac in 2003 as a Physiotherapy Technician, and in the same year she enrolled in the Higher Medical School in Ćuprija, where she graduated in 2013. She earned the title of Senior Physiotherapy Technician. In 2014 Anita graduated from the Yoga Academy in Belgrade and obtained the title of Yoga Instructor.

Anita started working with the Schroth method in 2019 when she became Shrot therapist

  • Many years of experience at a holistic centre where she works as a yoga and pilates instructor
  • Work at Massage Center in the position of masseur and physiotherapist
  • Work in aesthetic body shaping studio as a physiotherapist and masseuse