Mladen Milovanović

Physiotherapist, Certified Schroth therapist, Low back pain expert

At Scolio Centar I work as a Schroth therapist. For me and our clients, Scolio Centar is much more than only work and space we in which we exercise. Many would tell you that it is a place where pain stops, a place where good posture begins, a place that "works wonders", a place that makes a change. All positive comments and results are first and foremost our effort that we invest into every training session, but the merit is not only ours. The credit goes to all those who have trusted us over the years and allowed us to help them. This is what makes the true beauty of this profession and at the same time motivates us to be even better and more successful in years to come.
Work experience

Mladen was born in Kruševac in 1990. After primary school he enrolled in the Secondary Medical School in Kruševac, majoring in Physiotherapy Technician. After graduating from high school in 2009, he enrolled in the Higher Medical School of Vocational Studies in Belgrade, and in 2012 he received the title Professional Physical Therapist. After passing the state exam he volunteered in the Red Cross Stari Grad. He is a member of the Society of Physical Therapists of Serbia.

He engaged in Schroth therapy in 2016 as a volunteer at the Schroth camp in Novi Sad. In 2017, he became a certified Schroth therapist of the German Spine-Concept-Sobernheim Institute. Upon completion of his education, he began to actively implement the Schroth method within Scolio Centar. He also attended Schroth educations as an assistant, in Novi Sad in Serbia 2017 and Bulgaria, Sofia 2018. He has participated in over ten Schroth camps in Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.

Mladen attended the training of Dr Stuart McGill “Building the ultimate back: from Rehabilitation to performance” in Slovenia, actively implementing the McGill exercise programme for people with low back pain. His primary interest is back pain and overcoming the pain that pain brings.
He is a participant in the “Coaching Seminar” in Belgrade, Synergy Centre 2018.

  • 2018 - McGill 1: Foundation for a pain - free back Certification
  • 2019 - McGill 2: Assessment - Converging on a precise diagnosis Certification