Schroth Camp

7 days - group programme

Pack description

Schroth camp is intended for those with scoliosis and other spine deformities, and with scoliotic and kyphotic posture. The lower age limit for camp participants is 10 years of age, while there is no upper limit (the most common participants are adolescents). You can read more about the Schroth camp here.

Apart from exercises, Schroth camp basic pack also includes other services that are available to you, which you get for the price you pay. However, you can choose some extra services for a fee, or opt for an "All inclusive" pack that includes accommodation and other tourist services (see the table below).

  • How do we conduct exercises?

Exercises are conducted on a daily basis in three sessions of one and a half hours each, with breaks of one and a half or one hour between them. On the first day, we run an induction as a way of familiarization with the instructors and therapists, with the group, as well as with the procedure and the method itself. This is followed by the initial testing of the participants, where each participant receives their own file with their data and prescribed exercises.

After the initial testing is completed, the participant approaches the exercises according to the given schedule until the last day of the camp when we do the final testing. We present the results to both parents and participants.

  • Who conducts the exercises?

Testing is carried out by certified international Schroth Instructors who conduct education for therapists in European countries and worldwide.
Exercises are led by Schroth therapists certified by the German ISST Schroth Institute and Asklepios Clinic.

Our team consists of experts who, in addition to treating scoliosis, deal with other deformities of spine, legs, feet, back pain, knee and hip problems.

Pack includes:



All Inclusive

  • Detailed testing on the first and last day and interpretation of results
    Testing includes topographic imaging using morfoscan / 3D scan (radiation free) - Video
  • Detailed analysis of gait and feet
    Modern diagnostics are used (board and sensors) - Video 1 | Video 2
  • Exercises 3 x 1.5 hours per day
  • Scolio Spa 1x massage and 2h jacuzzi with sauna for two persons
  • Social event for all participants after the programme completes (Novi Sad)
  • Accommodation in a 4* hotel or private apartment
  • Transfer airport - hotel - airport
  • City sightseeing with a guide

350 EUR

1200 EUR

* All prices include VAT
** The price of "All inclusive" pack is calculated based on 7 nights (breakfast included) in a double room in a 4* Hotel Sheraton

Additional services:

  • Muscle analysis - Video
    Physiological and biomechanical device for monitoring muscle activity and recovery
50 €
  • 3D Sobernheim Brace
    Taking measures and delivery of brace in Novi Sad
700 €
  • A (half)day trip of your choice after the programme is completed
Dependent on tour choice
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Sobernheim brace

We have a long-lasting cooperation with the company Orthoaid from Belgrade, and we refer you with confidence to their products and professional team. If you decide to order a brace, we will be happy to coordinate taking the measures, preparation and delivery of the product for you.

  • Product description

The Sobernheim brace is a modification of the first asymmetric 3D Cheneau brace. It is named after the place in Germany where this modification was created, i.e. the Sobernheim concept. What makes this brace unique is its specific classification of curves, which is in complete synergy with Schroth exercises.

Sobernheim brace is a combination of the vision and many years of experience of two German experts from the Katarina Schroth Clinic and Bad Sobernheim, Michael Rexing and Axel Hennes. What makes us unique is having the product and procedure that is carried out in the same way as in Germany, however we go a step further in placing great emphasis on the synergy of Schroth exercises and Sobernheim brace through continuous communication within the clinical team for scoliosis.

If the exerciser has an adequate brace, there is a possibility to do the exercises in it as well.
A brace should replicate the therapist's hands.

We can see how significant the persistence, consistency and dedication of the exercisers are from these results, which were achieved within 6 months with the help of our team.
In the combination of Schroth exercises and Sobernheim brace, the curve decreased from 36 to 25 degrees Cobb angle.

Schroth excercises in Sobernheim brace
  • Who is your orthotist?

Ljubomir Matić

Certified category I prosthetist - orthotist

CPO CAT I, international expert trainer and instructor for prosthetics and orthotics.
He does onsite and online education, primarily for the German School of Prosthetics and Orthotics. He graduated from the KAT II College of Prosthetics and Orthotics and graduated in Germany in 2012. In 2016 he obtained the degree of Prosthetics and Orthotics Engineer from the Mahidol University in Thailand.
With his qualifications, he is at the very top of experts in this field in the Balkans.