1st ScoSym webinar

The first ScoSym webinar was held on 23th May 2020 in which the eminent experts dealing with the problem of scoliosis from the clinical and scientific aspect took part as panelists. The topics that were covered were as follow:

  • "Aetiology of idiopathic scoliosis" - Dr Theodoros B. Grivas, Tzaneio General Hospital Piraeus, Athens
  • "The role of the sagittal profile in scoliosis" - Prof. Dr René Castelein, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • "Early detection of scoliosis" - Joe O’Brien, National Scoliosis Foundation, Boston, USA

The panel, which was moderated by Nikola Jevtić, Scolio Centar, Serbia, was attended by large audience from around the whole world.